Biodegradable glitter for face and body

Mermaid Magic Cosmetic Bio-Friendly Glitter

Ocean-Safe, Mermaid-Approved!

Aloha! Are you wondering WHY Biodegradable Glitter? Because other cosmetic glitters are made of micro plastic and will never ever break down! When you purchase our eco-conscious biodegradable glitter products, you can be certain you are getting the best of all worlds!

Feel free to read up in the FAQ about all the details, but for now, rest assured,

Mermaid Magic Cosmetic Biodegradable Glitter is:

  • Vegan, Non-GMO & never animal tested
  • Certified biodegradable film derived from sustainable, renewable sources
  • SOFTER and LIGHTER than regular cosmetic PET glitter!
  • Just as SHINY as conventional glitter!
  • Certified as:
    • Industrial and Home compostable
    • Marine and waste water biodegradable
      (Mermaid Magic Bio-Friendly Glitter is shelf stable and biodegradation will only be initiated in a soil, compost or waste-water environment where micro-organisms are present.)
  • Suited to dry, water-based & oil-based applications*
    *Due to the many possible uses of glitter, it is the responsibility of the buyer to test performance application before final use*

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Made from 100% Bio-glitter®

SHINE, SPARKLE AND SHIMMER guilt-free with our NEW range of Cosmetic Biodegradable Glitter, available in single colors and sizes as well as our EXCLUSIVE line of Chunky Glitter Blends, completely safe for your Face and Body!

Experiment with applying our Biodegradable Cosmetic Glitter and Chunky Glitter Blends and tell us what you love the most! We support your creativity!!

For a look that washes off at the end of the day (or night!), we love using a brush or a fingertip to tap on a base of:

  • Mermaid Magic Cosmetic Aloe Vera Gel Base

Or get a water-resistant look on the face and body with:

  • Mermaid Magic Bling Glue

Or get wild with your hair! Grab your favorite hair gel and a paddle-shaped makeup brush and glitz out the tips, rock glitter braids or roots, or even just add one sophisticated strip of glam right where it counts!


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Mahalo from all the mermaids for choosing an eco-safe cosmetic glitter to sparkle yourself with!